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The Raiders Will Provide a Truer Test

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The Packers won against the Browns with their 3/4th string quarterbacks and a lot of looks at young players that are trying to make the team. Thursday night's game against the Raiders will be a much different story.  (more…)

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GPN Analysis: Early Gameplan Versus the Bears

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While the Pre-season shows little or nothing of the un-scouted looks and various sets that a team has been working on. It does show something about what their concerns and/or priorities are for the coming season. All of that is obscured by the constant rotation of player hopefuls but the first series or two usually gives away a little about the teams' strengths and weaknesses along with some ideas of what they want to emphasize in the upcoming year. This, along with some news and notes about their current draft picks and free-agent acquisitions allows us to begin to suss…

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Synergy and the Push Pull Effect of Two Returning Starters

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The oft-quoted defenition of "synergy" is that the "whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts". There are a lot of ways this applies to football. An offensive line that has continuity is greater than the sum of it's parts. A wide reciever corps, working in perfect concert, can be extremely effective even if the individual players are little more than average. A great quarterback can make the Hall of Fame even though he never had a stellar cast of wide receivers around him. Today, I want to talk about a push-pull effect that the Packers offense is…

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AM Quickslant: One of My Favorite Signings of the Offseason Will Surprise You

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Before the draft, Packers fans watch free agency with all the fervor of an armadillo watching a stray tumbleweed. Exciting it is not, but this year I am excited about two signings and one in particular that no one is talking about. While I am excited about Jared Cook working with Aaron Rodgers this year, I am equally excited about the signing of James Starks. Yes, James Starks.  (more…)

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A Three-Way Race?

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Everybody knows that winning the division is job one in the NFL and within the division, no game is a gimme regardless of the opponent. So nobody is going to say that any game against a 2016 rival will be a given, certainly after last season when we lost to each division rival at home. But on the other hand, 2016 is a new season and the Packers look forward to having Jordy Nelson back and a fit Eddie Lacy along with Jared Cook to complement Aaron Rodgers on an offense that came within inches of going to the NFC Championship…

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