Brett Favre With the “W”

Well, Brett Favre showed who he supported in the Final Four. He didn’t quite get the “W” right but hey, I think it’s the thought that counts. It is good to know that TWO Packers quarterbacks are supporting the college … Continue reading

Thompsons offseason moves and futures options

With the free agent frenzy fading away and the draft right around the corner many are wondering if Thompson made the right choices so far this offseason. He was able to sign two major players in Bulaga and Cobb, then … Continue reading

Offseason Program Announced by the NFL

Offseason dates have been announced and the Packers will begin their program on April 20. So much goes into an offseason that is generally considered nothing more than a break and a time to visit the beach. Priority one is to … Continue reading

Pick Your Poison Part 3: Randall Cobb

2014 showed that the Packers offense is, frankly, a juggernaut. Two rookies that made a difference at positions where that is difficult to do (wide receiver and tight end) in this league will now be coming back after a season … Continue reading