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A Little Reminder

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With all the bad feelings and doubt about our beloved team I figured a little reassurance might help. Every season there are ups and downs but great teams adjust and perform when it counts. The Packers will bounce back and destroy the Vikings this week mark my words. You may be one of those fans that dwell on losses and it makes you feel miserable so let me help you get some perspective back and start enjoying the team we love. (more…)

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Week 10 Takeaways

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Prior to the Packers’ bye week in late October, it would have been difficult to envision any outcome other than a win if armed with the knowledge that Green Bay’s defense would allow only 18 points across four quarters. Much to the dismay of Packer Nation, this outcome was realized on Sunday as the Packers suffered an 18-16 loss to the 1-7 Lions – their first at home since 1991. The search for answers now begins at 1265 Lombardi, with Green Bay having temporarily surrendered first place in the NFC North to the Vikings, who they will face next. Playing…

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Packers Can’t Afford to Let Slide Continue

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The Green Bay Packers' offense has been a 3 and out machine lately. But as disappointing as the Lions game was, there were some positives that may help them in this NFC North stretch. A few guys are coming on, and just in time. No matter what the players say about this game being "just the next game", this upcoming Vikings game is critical for the Packers' goals this season and this offense can no longer afford to let the slide continue.  (more…)

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Packernation Poll: Will it be Offense or Defense?

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The Packers play the Lions this Sunday in a game at Lambeau Field. This season so far has been about a sort of "bipolar" Packers team that had found a way to win with either the offense or the defense making the difference. This week against the Lions...which unit do you think will make the difference? (more…)

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Starks the Starter: Now is the Time to Take the Reins

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The decision to promote James Starks to starting running back was easy from a performance standpoint but difficult from a personal standpoint. I love that kid and hope he gets back on his horse very soon. In the meantime, James Starks will be an important cog in the Packers chances for the next four games. If there ever was an opportunity for the Packers to take the reins and show that control was never out of reach in the NFC North, the time is now. Aaron Rodgers said this week that he could not remember a stretch of NFC North…

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