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Packernation POLL: Choose One or the Other and be Counted

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There was a lot of talk about how this off-season would be different for the Packers, but so far it is the same old same old...Ted Thompson has managed to keep a few of our own...guys who can't get any real money elsewhere. While at the same time PackerNation has watched playmaker after playmaker go to other teams, including Trevathan to the Bears, the same Bears who beat the Packers at Lambeau on the night Brett Favre's jersey was hung up for good.  (more…)

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TE prospect Jared Cook

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With the free agency frenzy winding down there are still a few good prospects which could fill a gap on the Packers roster, TE being one everybody feels Ted should look into. Personally I like Jared Cook, while he isn't a TD master he is a solid route runner with good size 6'5" 254 lbs. with a 4.5 - 40 yard dash , he could turn into a threat down the seam and in the red-zone. (more…)

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“Timing is Everything” Peyton Manning’s Retirement Speech and Ted Thompson

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One of the throughlines of Peyton Manning's retirement speech was "timing", and GM's like Ted Thompson could benefit from that call. Free agency is here and Packers fans are looking for something...anything to happen this time around. But there is a sweet spot in free agency and while it is often not waiting until every good player is gone, it also is not usually found in jumping on the first tier of free agents either. There is one bargaining skill that Ted Thompson apparently has in spades...and it is an important one. But sometimes you can have too much of…

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PackerNation Poll: Stand Pat?

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Yesterday, I mused about how with this year's Combine in the books and a clearer picture of how this draft class is, overall, that I believe it is likely that Ted Thompson will be looking to trade out of the first round. I know, I know...it is too early to tell. But when the draft class and the GM's tendencies seem to intersect...I start to wonder out loud. Also, I promised to have a PackerNation poll about what course you would take (or you think TT should take). And I am truly interested in thoughts and/or comments on this one.…

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