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Go Pack Go! The Pre-Arizona Atrium

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Nobody but Packernation knows that this team can beat the Cardinals. NOBODY! Yes, the team has had its share of offensive struggles and without Davante Adams, young players will have to step up. But the Pack can get it done...check out the video and let us know what your keys to the game are. (more…)

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Just Felt Like Venting

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I am tired of the media giving the Packer zero chance to win this week. This is the same team who was favored to win Super Bowl 50 at the beginning of the year and through the first six games they were all saying even without Jordy Nelson the Packers are a team to be reckoned with. But after the break for whatever reason the offense lost its mojo and had a hard time scoring points. (more…)

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Breaking Down Week 16 vs. the Cardinals

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Riding a three-game winning streak, the Packers travel to Arizona in Week 16 with the hopes of stealing the first-round bye that Bruce Arians’ Cardinals have all but secured. Green Bay’s wins of late have been less than impressive but, at the same time, establish momentum for a team that was trending in the wrong direction for most of November. A win in the desert would greatly amplify that momentum during a crucial stretch, as the team begins to prepare for the postseason. The Cardinals present the same type of challenge that Green Bay encountered in early November against Carolina:…

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