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Ha Ha Clinton Dix: Madden Number 8 Rookie

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Well...well...well...Madden has chosen Ha Ha Clinton Dix as its number 8 rookie this year. And Curtis Conway on NFL Network has named him the best player on the Packers team besides Aaron Rodgers...Ed Lacy...get it...Ed Lacy...WOW!!! (more…)

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Here’s What You Do on the Tuesday Before Training Camp

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With every passing day, Packers training camp gets closer. With every passing day, the thrill begins to get stronger. Early in the morning when there is a slight chill in the air, Packers fans begin to think of their team once again taking the field to strive for greatness. Throughout the day, when moments of quiet (all too rare at times) come our way, our thoughts turn to "I wonder if Clay Matthews will be held out for camp?" or "Wow, that safety battle is gonna be special this training camp - can't wait to see Ha Ha in action!"…

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Click To Get Pumped About 2014: Randall Cobb

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Well, everybody in Packernation was glad when Randall Cobb came back from his fractured tibia before the Bears game last year. And I think it would be an understatement to say that everyone in Packernation was even more glad to have him back at the end of the game. The Packers have developed some great players through the draft expertise of Ted Thompson and have not just survived what seems to be an undue amount of injuries, but even won it all back in 2010 with players going down like flies. (more…)

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Click to Get Pumped: Jordy Nelson

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All the talk of wide receiver and quarterback combinations has seemed to focus on the Bears and the Lions this year with no combo from the Packers cracking the top five while Stafford/Megatron and Cutler/Marshall were both in the top five. I got one thing to say to that...."WHO CARES!!!" (more…)

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