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Hedging a Bet: Will Ted Thompson Make a Move?

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A lot of the talk this off-season is whether the Packers will indeed be more active in free agency. Rumors that  the Packers will sign up to five free agents, and more recently, that they might be interested in a trade for  Connor Barwin have some in PackerNation excited and others skeptical. Here we wan't to paint a realistic picture of what to expect from a Packers GM who is apparently under some pressure to get more done, but historically is wont to spend money on the risk of a free agent. Further, the Packers philosophy of draft and develop certainly paints…

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Un-PACK the Play: Tolzien to Montgomery on 3rd and 11

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The interesting thing for me in the Packers' preseason game against the Patriots was to see Scott Tolzien play like a starter. His understanding of the offense, release, and inside-out movement were vastly improved to the extent that there are several teams in the league that would be better served with Tolzien than their current prospects. Sure, on other teams Tolzien would not have the depth at receiver but again, his pre-snap reads and quick release and arm strength that has truly improved would make him a contender. Here is the breakdown of a 3rd and 11 play that not…

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Daily Tweet-cap: Friday

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In's and Out's   TE Mitchell Henry has joined the DNP list. Will find out why after practice. #Packers pic.twitter.com/XzQRT8Fcyb — Rob Demovsky (@RobDemovsky) August 7, 2015 Partial crew of NFL officials are here. Will also work Family Night tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/EDSQDddmW8 — Rob Demovsky (@RobDemovsky) August 7, 2015 It's a cloudy start to practice No. 7. A little bit of rain. pic.twitter.com/Jf53Hoq10b — Tom Silverstein (@TomSilverstein) August 7, 2015 (more…)

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Daily Tweet-cap: Part 1

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In's and Out's:   Matt Rotheram (ankle) is back in pads — Weston Hodkiewicz (@WesHod) August 4, 2015 No sign yet of Clay Matthews either, missed yesterday because of sore knee — Pete Dougherty (@PeteDougherty) August 4, 2015 With Clay Matthews out, Nate Palmer lines up next to Sam Barrington at ILB once again. — Brian Carriveau (@BrianCarriveau) August 4, 2015 Datone Jones is rotating in with the first unit defense along the defensive line. — Brian Carriveau (@BrianCarriveau) August 4, 2015 OT Matt Rotheram has returned from an ankle injury. — Tom Silverstein (@TomSilverstein) August 4, 2015 Jake Ryan…

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This Lil Lady Might Be Part of Packernation Someday

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Olivia Munn again displayed some of her skills she's been practicing for her latest movie. This sparkplug could be a part of the Packers family someday. I think this gal is gonna fit right in! Check out the VIDEO and let us know what you think Packernation. (more…)

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