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A “W” is a “W”…Right?

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The Packers last second touchdown from Aaron Rodgers to Andrew Quarless put the Packers up to 4-2 overall and with the Detroit Lions looking like they will get a win against the Vikings, the Packers don't gain ground there. But the best news of the day is that the Packers don't LOSE ground...because they looked like they were going to take a loss to the Dolphins until that last second TD pass play. (more…)

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Scouting Report Part 2: Miami Dolphins

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Tomorrow the Packers take on the 'Phins and this game should be fun more than interesting. There are a few cautions, however in watching the Dolphins first four games that should be noted. If the Packers play the way they have been playing for the past couple of games, they will be fine but here are three things to watch out for:  (more…)

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Early Scouting Report: Miami Dolphins Part 1

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The Packers face a Dolphins team that will be fresh off their bye on Sunday. Is this team a threat? The Packers have been trending upward lately but don't have any wiggle room in the NFC North. While a look at the Dolphins record (2-2) may not seem impressive, one of the Dolphins' wins came against the New England Patriots. What will the Packers need to do to secure a win? Read on to find out. (more…)

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Hidden Gems of the Packers Defense

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This offseason, the Packers made a couple valuable changes/additions to the defense that had Packers fans excited about what this year could bring. The signing of Julius Peppers, drafting of Clinton-Dix, and Micah Hyde's move to the safety position all indicated that the Packers were no more satisfied with their defense than Packernation. While it took awhile to come to fruition, and many including myself are still in "wait and see" mode, the Packers defense shows signs that it has turned the corner. This week, some of the things I have been writing about and thinking about were echoed by…

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Into the Second Quarter…

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The Packers entered the second quarter of the 2014 season in style, putting up 42 points on the Vikings while only allowing 7, and those came in garbage time. It is easy to blow off a win such as that because of the absence of Teddy Bridgewater. But keep in mind that the Vikings put up 41 on the Atlanta Falcons the game before. The Vikings are a team with some weapons and their running game, in particular, was effective in the absence of Adrian Peterson. So the Packers have what Mike McCarthy has termed a "mini bye", skipping Sunday…

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