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Bridgewater or Ponder?

  3 years ago     84 Views     1 Comment  

The Packers host the Minnesota Vikings tomorrow night in what could be a sloppy affair if the weather reports are correct. But one question that remains to be answered is, "Who will be the Vikings starting quarterback." Admittedly, this is a question that the Vikings have been asking for numberous years but in this case, they would clearly prefer to see rookie Teddy Bridgewater at the helm. Bridgewater, in his first NFL start, went 19 of 30 for 317 yards and ran five times for 27 yards and a touchdown.  (more…)

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Don’t Overlook the Vikings

  3 years ago     124 Views     4 Comments  

The Packers pulled away from the Bears in what looked early to be a big time shootout. With the defense capitalizing on opportunities and keeping the score low, the Packers ended up with a convincing win. But not all Packers fans were convinced. There were still major holes in Dom Capers' defense that the Bears capitalized on and with BJ Raji gone for the season and a smaller defensive line than is typical for a 3-4 D, the Packers look to be vulnerable to the run for the duration of the season. While nobody wants our defense to give up…

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When it Knocks…Answer

  3 years ago     110 Views     7 Comments  

Mike McCarthy had little to say after yesterday's loss to the Lions. More to come later this afternoon but I think he summed the game against the Lions up nicely in two words. Two words that tell me that this Packers team is not on the verge of collapse, as some in Packernation seem to believe. In the minutes following the game as I stormed around the house angrily "cleaning up", I thought about those two words myself. It is disappointing when a loaded Packers team doesn't capitalize, when two words can sum up a game. (more…)

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Monday Morning Rant and Rave

  3 years ago     95 Views     8 Comments  

Well the Packers are 1-2 at the start of Bears hate week. The loss against the Lions was disappointing to say the least. So disappointing, in fact, that I had to rant last night after the game...couldn't wait until this morning. But the sun is shining this morning and Fall is in the air so it is time to Rave Packernation. Of course, the most important thing for Packers fans is that the team wins so I won't be going too crazy on this one but any solid criticism includes the good with the bad, so here are three things…

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Rant That Can’t Wait

  3 years ago     249 Views     35 Comments  

In a game where the defense pulled out all the stops, gave the ball back to our offense three times, and harassed Matthew Stafford all day long, I have a rant that can't wait... CLICK the link and tell me what I missed cuz I'm so mad, I'm sure there is something... (more…)

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