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R&R: Packers/Panthers

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The Packers need to take a long look at themselves to figure out what's going on. The defense has shown they're capable of stopping any team for about 3 minutes then they go to sleep. I'm not sure why Dom Capers keeps playing prevent defense when teams are eating them alive each time he tries it - 3rd and 16 and he sends 3 for a pass rush, Why? Then he has them stuck deep on a 3rd down play which would have forced a punt and given them excellent field position and he plays zone instead of blitzing and…

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Week 9 Takeaways

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Perhaps it was wishful thinking that the Packers’ deep-rooted issues on both sides of the football would be resolved in just one week of practice. Green Bay’s stagnant offense and inconsistencies on defense followed the team from Denver to Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte – which has emerged as a likely candidate for hosting at least one playoff game in January. (more…)

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R&R: Packers/Niners

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Rants/Raves I will mix the R&R up this time since I don't have a lot to rant about~ Don't forget to fill the comments for this game with a #GoPackGo The Packers wanted to start fast so through the first quarter of the season they're now 4-0 "check". The Packers wanted to beat Seattle "check". They wanted to play better special teams "check". And the final chip to get off their shoulders was beating the 49ers which they did yesterday with a 17-3 victory "check". (more…)

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R&R Packers/Chiefs

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Raves How many #GoPackGo can I get on the FB fan page for this win? This was a game everyone was thinking could be a sleeper but this team will not be denied at Lambeau. I predicted a blowout and if Capers would have stayed with his pressure defense it very well could have been but I will get to that in the rant section! (more…)

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Hot Read: Around the Division

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The Packers look to go 3-0 and that would bode well for the lofty goals of the team. In 1996, the Packers went 3-0 and finished the season 13-3 and the Brett Favre-led Packers won the Super Bowl for the first time since the Lombardi era. There is no question what is on the Packers' bucket list this year and going 3-0 against a very good Kansas City team would bode well. But a win tonight would also bode well for the Packers' shorter term goal of winning the division. With a win, the Packers will stay a full game…

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