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R&R Packers/Chiefs

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Raves How many #GoPackGo can I get on the FB fan page for this win? This was a game everyone was thinking could be a sleeper but this team will not be denied at Lambeau. I predicted a blowout and if Capers would have stayed with his pressure defense it very well could have been but I will get to that in the rant section! (more…)

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Two Reasons It Is NOT Time For Jeff Janis

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The injury to Davante Adams has sparked a lot of discussion about whether some of the young wide receivers on the Packers' roster should get some playing time. Adams was the talk of training camp and with the injury to Jordy Nelson would have seemed to be a shoe-in for a great sophomore season. Instead, a sophomore slump seems more descriptive. Even in his 4 reception game against the Bears, Adams was targeted 8 times and one has to wonder if Aaron Rodgers noticed the 50% completion percentage. Then in the Seahawks game, Adams got hurt and went 5 for…

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Hot Read: The Story So Far and Wide Receiver Poll

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The Packers passing attack will always be dangerous as long as Aaron Rodgers is at the helm. When the Packers lost Jordy Nelson for the season, Packernation called on the young receivers to pick up the mantel, carry the torch. When the Packers signed James Jones, the Packers' passing attack added a familiar point-scoring weapon. This year's passing attack is different, and to some extent, that is a good thing. (more…)

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The Best Defense is a Good Offense

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The Packers host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night and the stakes have been raised by the loss of each of the other three teams in the division plus a Seahawks in-division loss against the Rams. Packernation knows that the performance of the defense against the Bears will likely not be enough to get the job done against the Seahawks. (more…)

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