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Packernation Poll: Head to Head

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The Packers' defense is a bit in flux this offseason. If there is one worry Packernation has about the 2015 team, it is the defense. In particular, the cornerback and inside linebacker positions have plenty of hopefuls...and plenty of question marks. Which position group do you think (more…)

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A Big Question Mark

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The Packers' defense came out of free agency minus a few household names. The exit of AJ Hawk and Tramon Williams was not entirely unexpected as each of those players had lost a step (or, as some would say...never had that step in the first place). Tramon Williams, to me, had been living on his veteran savvy in spite of his age for a second year in a row and the Seattle game in particular cast that fact in sharp relief on the TV screens of Packers fans everywhere. But there was more to the story than Tramon Williams. (more…)

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Breaking Down a “Special” Offense: Part 2 – Tight Ends

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There has been a lot of talk about how the Packers offense could be "special" this year, but what does that mean? In this series we will look at key statistics from last season to determine what positions, units, and aspects of the game could be improved to make the 2015 Packers offense better than the 2014 Packers offense. If there was one offensive position group that was less than stellar last season, it was the tight ends. If you don't lump them in with the backs, the Packers tight end group did some good things and showed up from…

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Packernation Poll: Make Your Opinion Known

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Everybody is hoping that this year's Packers team will start where last year's left off (minus the four-minute circus at the end). Recently, the Packers have not been starting fast, going 1-2 in the first three games each of the last three years. However, a big part of a fast start could fall in the hands of the Packers defense, which has seen some starters exit. Today's Packernation poll asks you what you think: (more…)

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McCarthy Cancels Practice For…

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Regardless of the fact that the collective bargaining agreement allows less than two weeks (13 days) worth of practice days, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy sees coherence and culture as more important than practice today. He has cancelled practice in lieu of team building activities, which will come as no surprise for fans. McCarthy realizes that this game is won by teams and a team is a culture of individuals who care about one another. Mixing up the groups in a team building activity such as the one he has planned for today highlights his focus on the culture of…

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