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Packers’ Backfield ‘Hits the Ground Running’

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The Packers' running game got a big boost even before Eddie Lacy came to town. The Super Bowl run during the 2010 season was successful in part because of the work of James Starks. Then the Packers picked up Eddie Lacy who became a phenom. Ted Thompson is not one to rest in his laurels however. Just like he continues to bring in wide receivers to the chagrin of many in Packernation, T.T. keeps bringing in running backs. This is especially important as the average length of career for a running back in the NFL is about three years. In…

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Breaking Down a “Special Offense” Part 3 – The Running Backs

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The Packers ended a running back drought when James Starks came on to help the Packers win Super Bowl XLV in 2010. Then they got Eddie Lacy who kicked the running game up a notch (or two) from there. The combination of Lacy and Starks has been a potent one, combining for 1,472 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns in 2014 and forcing defenses to pick their poison if they wanted to blanket the Packers' talented receiver corps and leave the box a little thin... (more…)

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How the Best Gets Better

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The offense has been the strength of this team for years. With the line coming back this year intact it will definitely help Rodgers to stay upright and unleash his aerial assault once again but the better news could be Josh Sitton and Tj Lang have had time to heal from the injuries they played through last season. Sitton opted to forego surgery on his toe letting it heal on its own, he says it's not 100% yet but by the time the season kicks off he believes he will be fine. With Nelson having clean up surgery on his hip…

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Why I am a Packers Fan

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People become Packers fans for a lot of reasons. I hope at the end of this post that you will tell me how you became one. After the draft, I asked the question (to the chagrin of many Packers fans) "How many of you have become Packers fans this weekend". The reason for the question was that many people become Packers fans when a college player they love is drafted by the Pack. I don't care how anyone becomes a Packers fan...I love all Packers fans regardless of how they became one. Here is how I became one. (more…)

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A.M. Quickslant: Poll Results on NFC North Competition

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Yesterday's Packernation poll asked the question, "Who can give the Packers a run in the NFC North?" The response was interesting to say the least (as it always is when Packernation gets talking about the team). I was interested to see that a question sent in to "Ask Vic" asked the same question. You can see his response here. Even with all the shakeup in the North in the last few years, there are still those who believe that divisional rivals who know how the Packers operate can still be thorns in our side.  (more…)

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