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Give it Some Thought…Make YOUR Opinion Known to All of Packernation

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In a game the Packers never led for one single tick of the clock, they came away with a victory in one... single... un-timed play. The Packers had been on the wrong side of the "that's why we play the game" cliche since the end of last season. This time they turned it around and won a game in which everything seemed to go wrong. Let me say that...in contrast to the first time the Packers played the Lions (at Lambeau), this time the Lions were playing some really good football. The defense had come into its own, getting pressure on the quarterback and…

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Packers Can’t Afford to Let Slide Continue

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The Green Bay Packers' offense has been a 3 and out machine lately. But as disappointing as the Lions game was, there were some positives that may help them in this NFC North stretch. A few guys are coming on, and just in time. No matter what the players say about this game being "just the next game", this upcoming Vikings game is critical for the Packers' goals this season and this offense can no longer afford to let the slide continue.  (more…)

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R&R: Rants and Raves – Packers Versus Rams

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Rants This game was not pretty but it is a win nevertheless. Aaron Rodgers threw 2 INT's and had a sack fumble for a turnover which is very uncharacteristic of him but I put the blame partially on the receivers, they were not getting separation throughout this game (with the exception of a few plays which resulted in a Ty Montgomery TD and a James Jones TD) and for the most part they looked lost. I am not a Jeff Janis or Jared Abbrederis groupie but I feel if the receivers are struggling then why not put these guys in…

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Packers Offense Makes Indirect Strides

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It has been said "You learn more from your failures than successes." This is true. While I would in no way characterize the Packers offensive performance as a "failure" the fact remains that a lot of players put down film that they can learn from. It started with the first play from scrimmage, a brilliantly conceived and perfectly executed play-action pass that hit Ty Montgomery in the hands down the right sideline in what would have been at the very least a big gain...had he caught the ball. I said before this game that I would be disappointed if the…

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Will Abby Clear Waivers?

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Tom Silverstein is reporting that the Packers have released Jared Abbrederis. GPN held a poll and the hundreds of respondents came to a deadlock on what they thought would happen to Abby. While many thought Jared Abbrederis would make the team, that may not be the reality soon. If Silverstein's report is correct, Jared Abbrederis' time with the Packers is in jeopardy but he could still end up with the team on the practice squad if he clears waivers. But here are the numbers from the poll: (more…)

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