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R&R: Rants and Raves – Packers Versus Seattle

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Raves I will start by saying," Yeah Buddy!" the Seattle jinx is off the Packers' backs with a 27-17 win on prime time Sunday night football! The whole nation watched as Aaron Rodgers picked apart the defending NFC champs and proved he is the best QB in the NFL. (more…)

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PM Quickslant: Finding the Heir Apparent to Julius Peppers

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We heard it all last off-season from Bears fans. "The Packers paid that exorbitant contract for seven sacks a season? Peppers is washed up. He's on the downhill slide in his career." As it turns out, we paid that large contract for two interceptions for 101 yards and two touchdown. In the deal we got some nice bonuses; 7 sacks, 34 tackles, and 3 fumble recoveries. Knowing that Bears fans had to sit by and watch Julius accomplish all that last season... makes me smile. Still, the Packers must prepare for the inevitable. (more…)

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