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A Special Jerry Kramer Edition of BTN

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In 1958, a player would step onto the practice field of the Green Bay Packers and play a crucial role in one of the most dynamic franchise turn-arounds in NFL history. Drafted in the fourth round of the NFL draft that year, Jerry Kramer would soon display the type of work ethic that epitomized the 60s for the Packers and perfectly matched the coaching style of soon-to-be Packer head coach Vince Lombardi. To sign the petition to get Jerry Kramer into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, click here. (more…)

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OP/ED – Jerry Kramer: the REAL NFL Heirloom

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An heirloom is basically something of great value that is loved and passed through the generations of a family. When I heard that Jerry Kramer had sold his Super Bowl I ring I was sad. That ring should be cherished and passed through the generations of Kramer's family and it is unfortunate that he had to put it up for auction to start a college fund for his grandkids! How sad that one of the "builders" of today's NFL has to give up his own possessions (there were many other items auctioned including a game-used Super Bowl jersey) when young players nowadays…

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