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Packer Pride Meme: Randall Cobb…Packer People!

  2 years ago     307 Views     10 Comments  

Yes, Randall Cobb stands to make a lot of money with his new contract. But if reports are true, he took less to stay in Green Bay. Loyalty is not yet dead...and Packer Pride is alive and WELL! Spread it around like wildfire! Go Pack! #randallcobb

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Randall Cobb…SIGNED!!!

  2 years ago     639 Views     28 Comments  

Randall Cobb got his contract today, and he will be staying right here in Green Bay! The Packers multi-purpose slot receiver has agreed to a four-year, $40 million contract with $17 million guaranteed to remain with the Packers, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported. Cobb had six to seven offers on Saturday and turned down considerably more money elsewhere to sign with the Packers, where he felt comfortable. (more…)

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Free Agent Time is Here: Packers Nab….

  2 years ago     576 Views     32 Comments  

We would all like to see the Packers sign Randall Cobb, but we might have to come to the realization that the Packers can't afford him. From what is being said they offered him the same contract as Nelson 8-9 million a year with 14 million guaranteed and he turned it down. I like Cobb as much as the next person but he is by no means better than Jordy Nelson. Sure, he catches a lot of passes in clutch plays but for the most part it's because Jordy is taking up the double teams. If Cobb walks to be the…

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Randall Cobb: Is He A Gonner In Green Bay?

  2 years ago     527 Views     31 Comments  

With less than a week to go before the start of free agency, Randall Cobb and the Green Bay Packers have not struck a deal. Reportedly, Cobb's representation has rejected a five year deal worth between 8 and 9 million annually and if Cobb hits the open market, his chances of being resigned only decrease.... (more…)

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