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Is signing Cobb really worth it?

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Let me start by saying I am like the rest of Packer nation in that I would like to see Randall Cobb get signed to a long term contract. Now lets be realistic about this. Randall has stated he wants 9 million a year which he is well worth. His play on the field has been fantastic to say the least, he is a favorite target for Rodgers in clutch situations and more often than not, exceeds expectations after the catch. But if Thompson pays him the 9 million that he wants and also pays Bulaga how much does that leave…

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A.M. Quickslant: A Word on the Packers Pro-Bowl Selections

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The Packers will hopefully have five players who can't make the Pro-Bowl this year. But five were picked nontheless and all were deserving. Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, John Kuhn, Josh Sitton, and Clay Matthews have all had great seasons in their own individual ways and lifted the team when needed as well. (more…)

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Records and Recap: Pack V Falcons

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In a game that left many Packers fans a little skittish, the mild-mannered leadership of Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers have become the Chinese Triad of the NFL. They lead the team that most other teams just lower their eyes and walk past on the other side of the street, hoping not to meet. Those that do come face to face may leave with their honor intact, but they leave losers nonetheless especially if the conflict takes place on Packers turf. All three of these guys have long term contracts, they're here to stay. They are all hard-working thinkers, and…

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UnPack The Play: Rodgers to Nelson Game-changer

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Jordy Nelson was named by his peers the number 18 player in the league. John Kuhn was interviewed on the piece and called to mind a play that I wrote about after the Patriots game last season. Kuhn said this was a huge play and a momentum shifter. Let's UnPack the play: So many moving parts have to be in sync for a team to win at the highest level in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson just before the half was a true game-changer. The Patriots had just marched down the field and scored a rare touchdown against…

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