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R&R Packers vs Jags

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With a 27-23 win over the Jags you could see the team has a little work to do on both offense & defense, by not playing much in the preseason the rust was very visible. Rants It amazes me how Adams can drop a pass which should be caught then go make a catch which most will drop, it's his inconsistency that really bothers me at times. Not sure if it's the play called or its design but Lacy running a sweep or trying to get around the corner is crazy, he isn't fast enough. When he runs up the…

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AM Quickslant: Packers Versus Jags at First Blush

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The Packers 27-23 win over the Jags yesterday opens the door for a week two divisional rivalry game against the Vikes that will knock one of the two teams off the top spot in the NFC North (though perhaps still tied with the Lions if they beat the Titans). The Packers' offense took a little time to get going but one thing became abundantly clear. Jordy Nelson is back. (more…)

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What 2 Watch 4: Packers Versus Jaguars

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When the Packers take on the Jaguars later today, it will be a hot one. Projections are that the game could be the third hottest in Packers history and that of course means the team will have to find ways to stay cool and hydrated. The Packers veterans have been waiting in the stables the bulk of this off-season and preseason and now it is time to release the hounds. Here is what I will be watching for: (more…)

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