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What to Expect From the Packers’ Passing Game This Season

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Last season, the Green Bay Packers’ passing game went from one of the league’s best to one of the team’s most problematic areas on either side of the ball. While most fans expected a minor dip in production due to the preseason loss of Jordy Nelson, few predicted the straight dysfunction that ensued during the second half of the season. The passing game’s output was so poor that it begged the question of whether the Rodgers-less offense during the second half of the 2013 season was even more effective moving the ball through the air. With the 2015 offensive line…

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Will Jordy Have 1500 Yards in 2016?

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There's been a ton a speculation rolling around Packer Nation about whether Jordy will be back to his old 2014 form again when he hits the field in September. The conversation has taken an interesting turn as the question of whether Nelson would break the 1500 yard mark. I'm going to say that he'll get close but won't break 1500 yards this coming season. However, my reasons have nothing to do with the reconstruction of his knee. (more…)

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Wild Card!

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Every year at the draft, Ted Thompson throws a wrench in PackerNation's expectations. This year the Packers went into the off-season with one position that needed no embellishment. The only serious free agent pickup (Cook) had given the Packers another passing option and the anticipated return of Jordy Nelson were indicators of an up-arrow for the Packers' wide receiver corps. The promising finishes of Abby, Janis and Ty Montgomery before he went down due to injury signaled good things to come. Add this up...along with the fact that James Jones (and even Anquan Boldin) remained unsigned meant that if there…

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Synergy and the Push Pull Effect of Two Returning Starters

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The oft-quoted defenition of "synergy" is that the "whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts". There are a lot of ways this applies to football. An offensive line that has continuity is greater than the sum of it's parts. A wide reciever corps, working in perfect concert, can be extremely effective even if the individual players are little more than average. A great quarterback can make the Hall of Fame even though he never had a stellar cast of wide receivers around him. Today, I want to talk about a push-pull effect that the Packers offense is…

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An Epic Battle is Coming To Packers Training Camp

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It's hard to believe but Packers training camp is right around the corner, even more so since Family Night is the last weekend in July making room for an extra pre-season game. Everyone will have their eyes pealed for Jordy Nelson, who likely will be held out of a lot as coach McCarthy will be handling him with kid gloves through the preseason. That is good news for the young Packers receivers looking to make the team or move up a slot. One particular competition that I am excited about is the third receiver slot and I do think it…

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