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Midweek Musings: 3 Things I Wonder About…

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Well, it is the middle of the week and while I am thankful that the Packers host the Lions this time around, a brutal away stretch after the bye week has me wondering about a few things. But let me start with this disclaimer. I am a Packers fan, always have been and always will be. I do not root for any other team at any time except the Green Bay Packers. OK, once in awhile I am tempted by "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" but that just means I cheer against the enemy...not for the enemy of my enemy,…

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R&R: Packers/Panthers

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The Packers need to take a long look at themselves to figure out what's going on. The defense has shown they're capable of stopping any team for about 3 minutes then they go to sleep. I'm not sure why Dom Capers keeps playing prevent defense when teams are eating them alive each time he tries it - 3rd and 16 and he sends 3 for a pass rush, Why? Then he has them stuck deep on a 3rd down play which would have forced a punt and given them excellent field position and he plays zone instead of blitzing and…

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The Stakes Went Up

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Yesterday, I wrote about how there is a lot of football still to play this year and that is true. However, I don't want to belittle the importance of the Packers getting back on track...and fast. The Packers' loss to the Denver Broncos was a loss to an AFC team which is better than a loss to an NFC team, much less (heaven forbid) a loss to an NFC North team. But the Carolina Panters are a different story. (more…)

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Still a LOT of Football to Play…

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After a "humbling" loss at the hands of the Broncos, the Packers hope to rebound against another unbeaten. The good news is that the loss to the Broncos was an AFC loss...this game against the Panthers is a game that might determine where a playoff repeat is played later in the year. The Packers are 6 and 1 but if they lose to Carolina and the Vikings win...they would be tied atop the NFC North.  (more…)

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