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Congrats Mason, but Another Kicker Impressed Me More

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On Sunday, Mason Crosby became the Packers all-time scoring leader passing another kicker, Ryan Longwell, for the honors. For most teams, the kicker is typically the scoring leader. After all, every time he touches the ball it's either in an effort to score or just following a score. Add to the the fact that the position is a low-impact one and the tenure of a kicker far out-distances the other players on the team. Still, Longwell had a ton of points under his belt and Mason had a sizable cold streak where we were wondering if he might be cut…

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Do Strong-Legged Kickers Have a Real Advantage in the NFL

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McCarthy has been giving Mason Crosby more than ample time to overcome... whatever it is that Mason needs to overcome. One of the reasons McCarthy continues to be positive about Mason is that he has such a strong leg. He went out of his way to point out that Mason gets more height on his field goal kicks than Tavecchio. But just how important is a strong leg for a field goal kicker? I'm re-thinking that question. (more…)

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Competition for Crosby

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Mason had a serious slup last season. Still, the Packer brass remained confident that he would eventually snap out of it. That confidence has apparently been shaken. (more…)

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