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The Playoffs are HERE!

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The playoffs are finally here and the Packers have their big matchup tomorrow afternoon against the Giants. But Packers fans will be watching the Detroit Lions play the Seahawks very closely to see what their own situation will be if they can get the job done against the team from New York. If you would prefer a rematch with the Falcons to another showdown with the Cowboys in Arlington (which is likely), you should be rooting for the Lions in this game.  (more…)

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At the Half of the Vikings Versus Lions…

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PackerNation will be watching the early matchup between the Lions and the Vikings to see if the Vikings continue on a skid or if the change at offensive coordinator in some bizarre way helps the Vikings offense get going. Here's the story so far... (more…)

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Packers Look to Play Themselves Back to a Regular Schedule

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Mike McCarthy made it very clear that the Packers' Sunday-Thursday-Thursday schedule is one that he can't wait to get past. If the Packers can get a win at Ford Field, they will be able to exit that stretch and take advantage of the other side of the Thursday schedule and watch some games on Sunday and rest up a bit for the final, critical games of the 2015 season. In his weekly podcast "McCarthy Unplugged" he told Larry McCarren, "You can feel your body changes every year and I'll tell you what, this Sunday, Thursday to Thursday schedule now, this is…

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What 2 Watch 4: Packers V Lions

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Well it is almost here. The Packers versus Lions game that will determine the NFC North champion is set for the late time slot tomorrow. The NFL flexing this game to 3:25 is like Mom and Dad telling lil' Jimmy he can't open his Christmas presents until after Mom gets done watching her daytime soap operas...sure, Jimmy will make it but there will be considerable hand-wringing and multiple attempts to find something to to occupy his mind. So what are you gonna do while you wait Packernation? The playoff picture is just about set with only one NFC team still to…

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