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Now It Gets Real

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We talked this morning about timing being the most important thing for free agency and Ted Thompson. Show too much interest too soon and overpay, or wait to long in silence and the right guy passes you by. In my opinion, none of the free agents in this year's class were worth top tier money (not that they aren't good players), there wasn't a "right guy" to pursue and pay at all costs. Today a couple names came off the board but there is one guy whose name just keeps coming back around. And now, Adam Schefter is reporting that…

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Point/Counterpoint: 3 Reasons Matt Forte Will be A Packers’ Target as Free Agency Begins

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Starting today, teams can begin talks with UFA's that they wish to pursue, on Wednesday at 4:00 pm EST, NFL contracts expire and the free agent frenzy begins. Word on the street is that the Bears are going to go hard after Malik Jackson, word on the street is thatĀ former Bear Julius Peppers is recruiting one of Chicago's UFA's for the Packers. Here are 3 reasons that this recruitment might bear fruit. (more…)

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Point/Counterpoint: 3 Reasons Matt Forte Is NOT on the Packers’ Radar

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This week's point/counterpoint will center on free agency. There are a lot of people in PackerNation who wouldĀ love to see the Packers add Matt Forte to the backfield that already includes Eddie Lacy. Lacy, who is coming into a contract year, disappointed last season. But he seems to already be getting in shape and I personally look for him to have his best season ever if he can stay healthy. Here, we will talk about the points for and against and remember, the final post will include a PackerNation poll so you can make your opinion known by casting your…

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Keys to the Game Week One: The Chicago Bears

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Yeah, I know it's the middle of June, but August will be here before you know it and with it...football. The dog days of Summer serve to remind us that those crisp mornings and golden afternoons are quickly approaching and for those of you who, like me, favor the Fall above all seasons, you are probably thinking about that September 13th matchup against the Bears at Soldier Field too. There is one key to this game and one only. If the Packers do their job in this regard...easy win. If they fail, the Bears will have a chance to push…

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