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3 Ways Mike Daniels Embodies Everything the Packers Are

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Mike Daniels is an explosive player in more ways than one. On the field, he is a beast...I recently quipped that the Army had called Daniels on the phone to see if they could recruit him to drop out of planes as a bunker buster. During the loss to the Colts, I stood speechless watching Daniels take not one, not two...but three players to task and almost sack Andrew Luck for a safety. But to me, right now, Mike Daniels is more than just a dominant player...he embodies a lot of who the Packers are right now. Here are three reasons…

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R&R Defensive veterans

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Everyone seems to be buzzing about the rookies this year so I want to talk a little about the veterans. The Backers With Matthews moving back outside I'm personally excited to watch him get after the QB's again from his natural position.  Nick Perry has had health issues and finds himself working on a one-year "prove it" deal but for 5 years he has struggled to stay on the field so we will see. He will be hungry to show he was worth a first round pick and definitely has the talent.  With Perry and D. Jones stepping in to keep…

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He Doesn’t Want to Talk About the Money

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Yesterday, news came out of Mike Daniels' new contract extension, but Daniels didn't really want to talk about it. His response was that he would celebrate in the offseason but for now, there was work to do and things to correct. I love that. If anyone doubted that Daniels was a baller coming out of college, no one is doubting him now. And Daniels still feels the grit of being called "too small" to play the position..."too short." He plays big though, as big as anyone in the game right now. It is great to see him get paid, and…

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Positions to Watch as Camp Comes to a Close

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With training camp in full swing, all the hype is focused on special teams and the defensive backs but there are other concerns that we should be watching. One concern, in my opinion, is the average (and below average at times) defensive line. Ted Thompson has been a guru at drafting receivers and other positions but when it comes to defensive linemen he has only hit on a select few that lived up to their draft status.   Concern #1 the defensive line Mike Daniels is one of Thompson's better picks but it's hard to point out others. I know…

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UnPACK the Play: Mike Neal Lookin’ Like Clay Matthews

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The Packers had a dominant outing against the Patriots, no matter what the final score was. If the Patriots can complain about the pass breakup of HHCD to Gronk in the endzone, the Packers can decry many more TD catches that were just not quite meant to be. We broke down the Jordy Nelson TD pass just before the half that gave us six points in a game won by five. Now it is time to unpack the final Patriots offensive play, in which the Packers got their first sack of the night. What you may not have noticed about…

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