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Two Key Fundamentals that Will Be Huge

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There has been a good deal of talk about McCarthy’s intent to get back to the basics on offense. All this talk about fundamentals seems vaguely familiar to perennial Packer fans. There was a reason that the Packer Power sweep was such an effective tool during the Lombardi era. It wasn't because it relied on misdirection. It didn't implement the element of surprise. Everybody knew it was coming and nobody could stop it. The reason… Fundamentals. (more…)

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Synergy and the Push Pull Effect of Two Returning Starters

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The oft-quoted defenition of "synergy" is that the "whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts". There are a lot of ways this applies to football. An offensive line that has continuity is greater than the sum of it's parts. A wide reciever corps, working in perfect concert, can be extremely effective even if the individual players are little more than average. A great quarterback can make the Hall of Fame even though he never had a stellar cast of wide receivers around him. Today, I want to talk about a push-pull effect that the Packers offense is…

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Quickslant: Circle The Middle of the Field

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While I believe the Packers have had an admirable off-season thus far, there is still one big question mark for this team. The off-season has gone the Packers' way to a great extent...first of all, in that Jordy Nelson got (is gettting) healthy. Then, the addition of Jared Cook (yes, he will be fine) and the work that Eddie Lacy has done to get his body right makes me certain that this year's team will be as formidable as any we have seen in the Aaron Rodgers era. While I have few worries on the offensive side of the ball,…

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Packers Looking at Defensive Tackles in Upcoming Draft

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The Green Bay Packers have been one of the top teams in NFL power rankings for most of the last decade thanks to Aaron Rodgers and their offense. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to get back to the Super Bowl since they last won it in 2010 because their defense hasn’t been as good as their offense. The exception was last season but with Eddie Lacy in shape, Jordy Nelson on track and a newly signed Jared Cook added to the lineup, they should be back to form. In recent years, the Packers have focused on improving their defense through…

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Drooling…And The Wheels Are Turning

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The signing of Jared Cook has got me drooling...My cousin and I were chatting back and forth about offensive sets when he confessed that he was having trouble concentrating on his work after word of the signing came out. Same here. One person who has been overlooked in most of the conversation of how good this offense could be is Ty Montgomery. (more…)

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