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Facing the Realities of the Stretch: The Game That Will Define the Packers

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The Packers, even after a seemingly endless November skid, still find themselves in the playoff hunt. Largely by virtue of the weakness of the NFC North, a win against the Philadelphia Eagles Monday night gives PackerNation hope that all is not lost. With Aaron Rodgers at the top of his game (hamstring issue not withstanding) and a defense that, though ugly at times, held the Eagles to just 13 points, people must be positive about the chance to get back to Lambeau and hopefully put together a string of wins. The Texans stand in the way in the short run…

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GPN Analysis: Early Gameplan Versus the Bears

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While the Pre-season shows little or nothing of the un-scouted looks and various sets that a team has been working on. It does show something about what their concerns and/or priorities are for the coming season. All of that is obscured by the constant rotation of player hopefuls but the first series or two usually gives away a little about the teams' strengths and weaknesses along with some ideas of what they want to emphasize in the upcoming year. This, along with some news and notes about their current draft picks and free-agent acquisitions allows us to begin to suss…

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R&R Defensive veterans

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Everyone seems to be buzzing about the rookies this year so I want to talk a little about the veterans. The Backers With Matthews moving back outside I'm personally excited to watch him get after the QB's again from his natural position.  Nick Perry has had health issues and finds himself working on a one-year "prove it" deal but for 5 years he has struggled to stay on the field so we will see. He will be hungry to show he was worth a first round pick and definitely has the talent.  With Perry and D. Jones stepping in to keep…

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Interactive O/U: How “Back” Will Aaron Rodgers Bounce?

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Last year, Aaron Rodgers recorded his first sub-100 passer rated season since 2008. When the team once again takes the field in 2016, one has to expect that number to go up. First, a note on the passer rating...I think it is convoluted and generally unhelpful. Here, we will simply use the passer rating as a benchmark for comparison purposes. With Jordy Nelson set to stage a comeback and a WR corps with a log-jam at the number three position, Rodgers will be champing at the bit to get on the field and see who takes the next step.  (more…)

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Will the Packers’ Best Defensive Players Be On The Field?

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The Packers will enter the 2016 season off an off-season that was typical by their standards. Sign back as many of your own players as possible, pick up a second (or lower) free agent, and build through the draft. This was enough to garner an exciting B- grade from Pro Football Focus apple for the teacher anyone?  (more…)

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