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Packers Look to Play Themselves Back to a Regular Schedule

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Mike McCarthy made it very clear that the Packers' Sunday-Thursday-Thursday schedule is one that he can't wait to get past. If the Packers can get a win at Ford Field, they will be able to exit that stretch and take advantage of the other side of the Thursday schedule and watch some games on Sunday and rest up a bit for the final, critical games of the 2015 season. In his weekly podcast "McCarthy Unplugged" he told Larry McCarren, "You can feel your body changes every year and I'll tell you what, this Sunday, Thursday to Thursday schedule now, this is…

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R&R Packers/Bears

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I am sick to my stomach, this loss is unacceptable on so many levels it's not funny. The offensive play calling was horrible in the second half and the execution looked more like a team of high school players. Davante Adams should be put on the bench until he learns how to catch. When is McCarthy going to use Janis? The kid is a play-maker and they are wasting his abilities sitting on the bench. I have said this many times and I'm tired of hearing "He is not ready"... BS! It looks to me like Adams is the one…

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We Remember You Part 1: Bart Starr

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If, as hoped, three great Packers quarterbacks will be on the field today, this will be so much more than a game. On this special day, we gather for more than a game. This Thanksgiving Day, we have much to be thankful for and Packernation will see, front and center, how thankful we should be for three great quarterbacks, all of whom have led the team to championships. I will be writing about them in three parts today. This first installment is about Bart Starr, and it is admittedly tinged with a little sadness for what Bart, his wife, and…

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R&R – Packers Versus Vikings

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The Pack breaks a 3 game losing streak last night with their win over the Vikings, as I stated in my post "A Little Reminder", our beloved team would win this one big, I even said mark my words! Raves: The defense came out firing on all eleven cylinders and the key was stopping one of the best running backs in the game - Adrian Peterson, holding him to 45 yards rushing made the Vikings try to beat them with Bridgewater's arm which let Capers tee off with some well-timed blitzes. They kept pressure on Teddy the whole game, sacking him six times…

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