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You Be The GM: VOTE for Who You Would Sign!

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This morning I mentioned a post that Chris Wesseling had put up about the remaining free agents that are considered "second tier", a term that may mean nothing more than that they have not been signed to huge contracts in the first week or two of free agency. We polled Packernation to see what position group the Packers and Ted Thompson should pursue in free agency. Here are the results: (more…)

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This…Was SO RIGHT!

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Sometimes we have to look back on a season that ended in disappointment and find the good. Our Packers team gave away a game against the Seahawks that would have put them up against the Patriots, a team they had already beaten and had no reason to fear. Today, for the first time...I re-watched the NFC Championship game. One thing I noticed had nothing to do with the game but was almost prophetic in its truth. Packers fans know that early in this league's history the NFC championship¬†was the Championship. This year, that early NFL reality came back into being.…

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No News is…No News

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Ok packer nation... the draft is just a few weeks away and what have we heard from Ted Thompson? Practically nothing. It's frustrating, I know. We hear nothing about who the Packers are interested in, who has been interviewed or worked out by the Packers and it's frustrating because we want to know. Especially as the actual draft day steadily approaches. And what makes it worse is that, while we all know who we think the Packers could and should draft...we all know the draft comes down to the final board of TT and his minions. Ted Thompson has a…

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Quick Recap of the Packers Draft

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Ted Thompson's eighth draft as Packers GM may have been the most interesting of them all, adding six straight defensive players before capping off the weekend with an O-lineman and QB.¬† While both Thompson and McCarthy maintained the notion that selection was based on best player available, the selections fell suspiciously in line with the Packers' direct needs. Further, Thompson traded up an uncharacteristically high three times. (more…)

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2012 Draft Analysis: Defensive Linemen

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When Green Bay Packers fans are asked what was the biggest difference between the 2010 and '11 seasons, the most common answer is the free agent departure of Cullen Jenkins. The loss of the former starting defensive end is a hole that still needs to be filled and the 2012 draft would be the perfect time for Ted Thompson to address it. The strength of the 2011 defensive line was starting tackles Ryan Pickett and B.J Raji, but after those two, the Packers didn't get consistent play from any of the other defensive linemen on the roster. (more…)

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