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Packers’ Best-Ever First Round Draft Picks

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The NFL draft is nearly here, which unfortunately conjures bad memories among Packers fans about all-time busts like Tony Mandarich, Ahmad Carroll, and Justin Harrell, to name but a few. But the Packers get their #1 pick right a fair amount, too, so this post focuses on the positive vibes it might send Ted Thompson’s way! So here are my choices for the Green Bay Packers' top round #1 draft picks of all time. (At one time, players could sign with any team they wanted, so that’s why you won’t see a player like Don Hutson on this list.) 10.…

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Big Changes Coming to the Packers Defense

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2015 was the first season in recent memory in which the Packers defense stood the hero more often than the offense. So, of course, the defense is where the bulk of the changes should be this off-season (tongue firmly planted in cheek).  (more…)

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Prospect Profile: Andrew Billings

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When BJ Raji decided to take a hiatus from football, the Packers' draft situation changed. With the four game suspension of Mike Pennel, the Packers may very well look to bolster the defensive front in a draft that is strong in interior defensive linemen. Here's one prospect to keep an eye on. (more…)

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PackerNation Poll: Stand Pat?

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Yesterday, I mused about how with this year's Combine in the books and a clearer picture of how this draft class is, overall, that I believe it is likely that Ted Thompson will be looking to trade out of the first round. I know, I know...it is too early to tell. But when the draft class and the GM's tendencies seem to intersect...I start to wonder out loud. Also, I promised to have a PackerNation poll about what course you would take (or you think TT should take). And I am truly interested in thoughts and/or comments on this one.…

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Eddie Lacy: I Told You Not To Worry About Him

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I have been saying for some time that Eddie Lacy is going to be fine. I guess the proof is in the pudding but I can't envision a scenario where Lacy doesn't get in shape and the guy has great hands for a running back which makes him dangerous on a team with Aaron Rodgers. (more…)

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