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More on Justin McCray

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The Packers just signed Justin McCray and many are probably asking..."McWho"? McCray is a true guard (who also has played some tackle) and really could be an asset to a Packers team that needs depth at the O-line position. At the same time, McCray is athletic and will have the chance to show he can play in this league...diamond in the rough? (more…)

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PackerNation POLL: 3 Confounding Factors for the Packers’ Pick

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Prognosticators and pundits alike are squarely focused on the upcoming draft in 43 days. With free agency once again coming and going, the Packers' initial pick, in particular could be crucial but rather than coming into greater focus, the Packers draft situation seems rather foggy. Several questions come into play and must be on the mind of many in PackerNation. While we know that Ted Thompson will be focused on getting his board right, he is very good at keeping that information close to his vest, and that leaves a bunch of prospects out there that the Packers could pick…

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“Timing is Everything” Peyton Manning’s Retirement Speech and Ted Thompson

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One of the throughlines of Peyton Manning's retirement speech was "timing", and GM's like Ted Thompson could benefit from that call. Free agency is here and Packers fans are looking for something...anything to happen this time around. But there is a sweet spot in free agency and while it is often not waiting until every good player is gone, it also is not usually found in jumping on the first tier of free agents either. There is one bargaining skill that Ted Thompson apparently has in spades...and it is an important one. But sometimes you can have too much of…

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