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The Raiders Will Provide a Truer Test

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The Packers won against the Browns with their 3/4th string quarterbacks and a lot of looks at young players that are trying to make the team. Thursday night's game against the Raiders will be a much different story.  (more…)

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One Step Forward…Two Steps Back

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So far this preseason is best characterized as a "one step forward, two steps back" affair. The first preseason game against the Patriots showed a Packers team that was very much as advertised. The offense was dominant (with perhaps still some red zone issues yet to be corrected) and the defense showed a lot of pressure with good coverage on the backside. Since then, we seem to have done a 180. With the Thursday game in sight and the "dress rehearsal" against the Eagles in the rear-view, it's time to take a look at the preseason so far. (more…)

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R&R – Rants and Raves: Packers vs Patriots

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The Packers WIN Yay! Actually the pre-season is more about evaluation than wins/losses so lets look at a few good things they did in the game: Raves The Packers' first-team offense ran 32 plays in first quarter with 161 total yards and Rodgers going 11-19 for 117 yards, Lacy looked like a beast as he broke a run up the middle to start the pre-season right where he left off last year. I liked the play calling with them going for it on 4th downs early even if they didn't score at least they are showing some aggression. I liked…

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Thursday Can’t Come Soon Enough

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Thursday night slates the Packers against the Patriots in a preseason game to which the Packers will have to travel. The preseason is important and risky in that while nobody wants to see any player injured, the coaching staff has to have tape on the young players to help make decisions and move forward with roster cuts. For my part, I just want to see these guys get on the field and start to get a sense of how good this team can be. The Patriots will be a good test when (as limited as it may be) the ones…

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