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Packers Sign Brooks!

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Packer Nation has known that the team was taking a look at Ahmad Brooks pretty much all week. Well, today it all came together. On today's show we talk about the pro's and con's of the Packers signing of Brooks. If you like the show, please subscribe! (more…)

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The Return of the Coverage Sack

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One of the topics I have been harping on the entire off-season is the dynamic between the play of the defensive backfield and the pressure packages ability to get home. Since the Packers drafted Kevin King and Josh Jones, I have been predicting the return of the coverage sack to the Green Bay Packers, an entity that we saw little to none of after Sam Shields went down late in the week one match-up against Jacksonville. But the coverage sack looks to be back and here is a breakdown of how it worked against the Eagles. (more…)

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Will the Defense Prove Daniels Right?

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Mike Daniels said in a recent interview that he is visualizing the Packers in the Super Bowl next year. With Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and the newly added Martellus Bennett locked and loaded along with the wide receiver corps that has always been strong and is now deep, the offense should be one of the most dynamic in the league.  But the Packers cannot expect to go the distance without better play from the defense. Daniels seems to believe that the Packers defense is due to bounce back but will the group prove Daniels right?  (more…)

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Will the Packers’ Best Defensive Players Be On The Field?

  1 year ago     170 Views     4 Comments  

The Packers will enter the 2016 season off an off-season that was typical by their standards. Sign back as many of your own players as possible, pick up a second (or lower) free agent, and build through the draft. This was enough to garner an exciting B- grade from Pro Football Focus apple for the teacher anyone?  (more…)

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YOU Be The GM: 3 Defensive Decisions for Packernation

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There is little question that the Packers' defense carried the team this year. With an offense struggling to find any identity and scoring an average of a full touchdown a game less than they did last year, the Packers' only hope was to find a dominant defensive identity and they did that...thanks to key players, some of whom are slated to hit the free agent market at the end of the contract year.  (more…)

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