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Offseason Analysis: One Formations To Stick With in 2017

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The off-season is a great time to analyze what worked and what didn't for the 2016 Packers team. Today I want to talk about one formation that was deployed from time to time last year and did not meet with as much success as expected. The Packers rolled out this formation against the Dallas Cowboys in week six last year and, frankly, it didn't work. Let's look into what didn't work and then talk about whether there is opportunity to to continue using it in 2017 with the personnel that we now have.  (more…)

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Eat or Be Eaten

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 It's difficult to even write a post about the coming opponent when our team just refuses to execute up to their capabilities. Still, while the Vikings are playing some good football and are definitely our most challenging divisional rival this season, there are some chinks in their armor which the Packers can take advantage of. The question is WILL the Packers take advantage of those chinks (more…)

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Bye-Bye Bye: 3 Things To Look Forward To

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The bye week is gone and Packernation once again anticipates a big game with the Denver Broncos on Sunday night. For many, this game looks like one of the toughest challenges the Packers could face all season being at Mile High Stadium but coming after a much-needed bye. To me, the bye week is good but could present a challenge for an offense that seemed out of sync and while healthier now, may or may not have gotten any more on the same page. Davante Adams says that he is still not where he wants to be and Ty Montgomery…

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Hot Read: Packers Will Face Fisher at Right Tackle

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Kansas City head coach Andy Reid told reporters on Saturday that their first round draft pick from 2013, Eric Fisher, will start at right tackle against the Packers. The MAC Conference standout played at Central Michigan from 2009-2012 and was drafted to help protect Alex Smith. Fisher's rookie season was less than stellar but the 2015 season has brought struggles of its own. (more…)

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