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Starks the Starter: Now is the Time to Take the Reins

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The decision to promote James Starks to starting running back was easy from a performance standpoint but difficult from a personal standpoint. I love that kid and hope he gets back on his horse very soon. In the meantime, James Starks will be an important cog in the Packers chances for the next four games. If there ever was an opportunity for the Packers to take the reins and show that control was never out of reach in the NFC North, the time is now. Aaron Rodgers said this week that he could not remember a stretch of NFC North…

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3 Things We’re NOT Worried About

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The game against the Eagles revealed some things about the Pack that are seriously messed up. Some of which, we thought we had fixed. Some of which, we hoped we had fixed. Despite the mounting question marks where we hoped we had answers, there are three things that we're not worried about going into week one against the Bears. (more…)

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Will Lacy Do Even More Out Of The Backfield?

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His rookie year, Eddie Lacy had 35 receptions for 257 yards and a 7.3 yard average. During the 2014 preseason, the catching ability of Lacy was all the talk, not just of the fans but also of the coaches and other players including one Aaron Rodgers. During the 2014 season, Lacy caught the ball 42 times for 427 yards and a 10.2 yard per reception average. Is Lacy poised to do even more out of the backfield in 2015? (more…)

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Breaking Down a “Special” Offense: Part 1

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There has been a lot of talk about how the Packers offense could be "special" this year, but what does that mean? In this series we will look at key statistics from last season to determine what positions, units, and aspects of the game could be improved to make the 2015 Packers offense better than the 2014 Packers offense. It all starts in the trenches, so let's start with the offensive line, in particular...sacks allowed by the offensive line. (more…)

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The Second-Year Player that I am MOST Excited About

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There has been a lot of talk in Packernation about second year players. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Davante Adams, and Richard Rodgers all made an impact last season and if they take a leap this year, could be special. Adams in particular has Aaron Rodgers raving after OTA's, and at 6'2 and 216 pounds, Adams could add yet another receiving threat - this time, throughout the season. Last year we saw Adams explode when teams like the Patriots and Cowboys paid too much attention to Nelson and Cobb. Richard Rodgers had some good games too and Ha Ha shored up the…

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