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This Lil Lady Might Be Part of Packernation Someday

  2 years ago     87 Views     2 Comments  

Olivia Munn again displayed some of her skills she's been practicing for her latest movie. This sparkplug could be a part of the Packers family someday. I think this gal is gonna fit right in! Check out the VIDEO and let us know what you think Packernation. (more…)

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Just Gotta Say…Aaron Rodgers is a CLASS ACT

  2 years ago     252 Views     6 Comments  

We have all seen the pictures of Aaron Rodgers with Olivia Munn at the recent Badgers games. And The Cheese even had some fun with that, but seeing Aaron at the Badgers versus Arizona game just made me think about what a class act Aaron Rodgers is.¬† (more…)

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What Do You Think? Aaron Rodgers, Olivia Munn Public Date

  3 years ago     119 Views     1 Comment  

It's official, Olivia Munn took Aaron Rodgers with her to the screening of her new movie¬†Deliver Us From Evil. This event pretty much removed any doubt that the two were a couple and also removed any chance of them getting any privacy. TMZ was there to film (see below) and they ran the clip under "TMZ Sports". Wait a minute...TMZ Sports? You've gotta be kidding me, right? The only sport TMZ is involved with is digging up dirt on pretty much any and every notable human being on the planet. And even The Cheese couldn't resist poking a little fun…

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