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Packers and the Emotion Factor

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Emotion is one of those intangibles that make predicting the outcome of a game very difficult. All the stats can point to one team dominating a game and emotion can be the tipping point that changes that outcome. (more…)

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Ready for Assault & Peppers

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Is the league ready for the Packers' new Assault & Peppers? Offensive coordinators will be doing a lot of guessing in 2014 when they meet the Packers. Teams won't be able to focus on Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers will finally get to move around the field like he's always wanted. Here's a taste of what's coming at NFL QBs this season. (more…)

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Dom Capers Under Fire

  4 years ago     512 Views     3 Comments  

For several seasons now, Dom Capers has been under fire. Packer fans everywhere are calling for his head on a silver platter. I think that's an over reaction. Here's why... (more…)

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