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Never Say Die

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  In my mind one of the key characteristics of a true fan is whether you stick with your team through thick and thin. That's not to say that you don't get angry or frustrated about bad situations. Frustration over poor production shows real passion for your team. However, when we get so frustrated that we think our team has no hope, we've gone too far. (more…)

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Things That Will Never Happen in Green Bay

  2 years ago     257 Views     2 Comments  

The other day I was curious to see Mariota play a little bit. So, I pulled up the replay of the game, which was a preseason game one match up between the Titans and the Atlanta Falcons. As the camera panned across the stands during the opening kickoff I was dumbfounded. (more…)

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When Did You Become a Packer Fan?

  2 years ago     308 Views     33 Comments  

I was born into a fanatical Packer family. Green and gold was running through my umbilical cord when I exited the womb. My first word was "truck," but my second was "Go Pack Go!" If you asked what my favorite color was it was green... and gold. I learned to throw a football before I could even lift a football. For our family, a week was not measured in seven day increments. A week was the length of time from one Packer game to the next Packer game. Growing up a Packer fan in the 1970s and 1980s sucked... and…

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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

  2 years ago     97 Views     1 Comment  

What I really like about these photos is the smile that is absolutely larger than life. It's something I've enjoyed about both Driver and Lacy. Sure every Packer smiles at times but very few have the infectious smile these two have. So why do I love seeing these guys smile? (more…)

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Filling the Packer Void

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The long drought of Packer news is driving me nuts. I've been trying to fill the void with highlights and even full games. I've watched some rugby matches on YouTube. I've completed some projects around the house that I needed to get done. But, for some reason, I'm much more stir-crazy this season than in past seasons. My restless anticipation for the start of the season is more intense this season. Then it dawned on me why that is... (more…)

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