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Will Jordy Have 1500 Yards in 2016?

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There's been a ton a speculation rolling around Packer Nation about whether Jordy will be back to his old 2014 form again when he hits the field in September. The conversation has taken an interesting turn as the question of whether Nelson would break the 1500 yard mark. I'm going to say that he'll get close but won't break 1500 yards this coming season. However, my reasons have nothing to do with the reconstruction of his knee. (more…)

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Give it Some Thought…Make YOUR Opinion Known to All of Packernation

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In a game the Packers never led for one single tick of the clock, they came away with a victory in one... single... un-timed play. The Packers had been on the wrong side of the "that's why we play the game" cliche since the end of last season. This time they turned it around and won a game in which everything seemed to go wrong. Let me say that...in contrast to the first time the Packers played the Lions (at Lambeau), this time the Lions were playing some really good football. The defense had come into its own, getting pressure on the quarterback and…

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Starks the Starter: Now is the Time to Take the Reins

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The decision to promote James Starks to starting running back was easy from a performance standpoint but difficult from a personal standpoint. I love that kid and hope he gets back on his horse very soon. In the meantime, James Starks will be an important cog in the Packers chances for the next four games. If there ever was an opportunity for the Packers to take the reins and show that control was never out of reach in the NFC North, the time is now. Aaron Rodgers said this week that he could not remember a stretch of NFC North…

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Packers Receivers of History: Dorsey Levens

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As we continue the series on Packer Receivers of History, we want to take some time to include the Packer running backs that have contributed heavily to the passing game. To read the articles you missed, go to the Packer Receivers of History category page. Dorsey Levens was drafted in the fifth round of the 1994 NFL draft. He played most of his college career at Georgia Tech where he still holds the record for yards per carry at a whopping 7.2! Dorsey's first couple years on the frozen tundra were very quiet. But he showed Packer fans a glimpse…

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Green Bay Packers: Yards After Catch

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Jordy Nelson didn't get to touch the ball as often in 2014 as we would have like to, but, when he did get his hands on the ball, he made it count. His break-neck speed was frequently underestimated by opposing defensive backs. Randall Cobb is a different animal altogether. His elusive craftiness, and relatively small size, allows him to dodge in and out of traffic, always staying just out of reach until he can find the open field and turn on the jets. Both rank in the top 20 of receivers in YAC. But, there's another Packer player that joined…

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