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Rodgers: Will He or Won’t He

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Tomorrow night's game is one that a lot of Packers players are looking forward to. For young players trying to cement a spot on the team, this game is critical and their opportunities will abound. For veteran starters looking to fine-tune and tweak their game, the reps will be more limited but still important to hit the ground running come September 13th. One veteran starter in partcular has been the subject of a lot of speculation as to whether or not he will play at all. (more…)

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Thursday Can’t Come Soon Enough

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Thursday night slates the Packers against the Patriots in a preseason game to which the Packers will have to travel. The preseason is important and risky in that while nobody wants to see any player injured, the coaching staff has to have tape on the young players to help make decisions and move forward with roster cuts. For my part, I just want to see these guys get on the field and start to get a sense of how good this team can be. The Patriots will be a good test when (as limited as it may be) the ones…

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These are the Games that Make NFL Football Great

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This afternoon's game is the kind of game that makes the NFL great. The rising star of Aaron Rodgers versus the Setting sun of Tom Brady. Two defenses evenly matched and at the same time we have to assume outmatched against two quarterbacks who have been called "future Hall of Famers". Running backs that know how to pound the ball and two teams that know how to win championships...it goes down NOW! (more…)

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