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R&R Packers/Chiefs

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Raves How many #GoPackGo can I get on the FB fan page for this win? This was a game everyone was thinking could be a sleeper but this team will not be denied at Lambeau. I predicted a blowout and if Capers would have stayed with his pressure defense it very well could have been but I will get to that in the rant section! (more…)

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Hot Read: Waited…And Saw

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The Packers' 38-28 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs proved something to me. We all know that Aaron Rodgers is the best in the business. We all know that the Packers' receiver corps...even banged up...is still better than many in this game. But if you were like me, you wanted to see how the defense would perform, particularly against another great running back in Jamaal Charles. The Packers had allowed Matt Forte to run up 141 yards and a long of 23, then against the Seahawks, they turned it around, holding Marshawn Lynch to just 41 yards. So I was…

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Hot Read: Packers Versus Chiefs

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The Packers have another big primetime matchup coming up, this time against the Chiefs on Monday Night Football. Here are the most important team stats that you need to know about the history of this matchup. The season is yet young and a lot can change for good or ill but here is a snapshot of the situation as it stands. (more…)

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