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BTN: Where Will the Packer Pass Attack Rank in 2016?

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This question was asked during our live show on our GreenBay Packer Nation Facebook fan page. The actual question was whether the Packer passing attack would rank #3 in the league in 2016. I think that's a little bold for the 2016 season. Possible, but bold. Still, I think everyone in Packer Nation is confident that the passing attack will bounce back from it's 25th rank showing in 2015. But, just how high will they bounce? (more…)

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Aaron Rodgers Making It Count: TDs Per Pass Attempt

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Football is all about scoring touchdowns. Granted the highest scoring players in the league are generally kickers, but no team wants to score a bunch of field goals in a game and very few games are won without scoring a touchdown. If Packer fans had a choice, every pass Aaron Rodgers tossed in the air would result in a touchdown. Of course, that's never going to happen, but just how many of Aaron's passes DO result in a touchdown? The answer might shock you. (more…)

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