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AM Quickslant: The Key to the North

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Well the Packers second preseason game against the Rams is almost here and Packernation looks forward to watching their team play a dry¬†game this time. The Rams will be a serious test for the Pack when starters meet starters. This is a team that has not made the playoffs since 2004, right about the time the balance of power shifted to the Seahawks. Now with the 49'ers also recently winning in the playoffs, the Rams have all but drifted into the Mississippi and floated away into the gulf of Mexico to NFL fans. But this is a good team with…

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AM Quickslant: 3 Targets for Aaron Rodgers Versus the Rams

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It's Wednesday..."hump daaaaayyyyeah!" More preseason games again tomorrow and the Pack at the Rams on Saturday. I was watching the Aaron Rodgers interview today and three things jumped out at me. But first, let me just say that it was good to hear Aaron's thoughts on the passing of Robin Williams. We know the guy was not perfect but he gave some many people SO MANY laughs...sad. The Cheese did a little memorial post, if you want to make a comment, you can see that here. So here are a few targets that I have for Aaron Rodgers on Saturday.…

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The Green Cheesebox

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OK...anybody who saw this vehicle between Milwaukee and Nashville...let us know who you are and where you saw it. This...is the Green Cheesebox, and it just might be the coolest, bestest vehicle on the highway today. The Green Cheesebox is a "shortbus" for Packers fans.¬†Outside, on the side it says "Lambeau Field School District" and on the back it says "Green Cheese Box". Inside, the Green Cheese Box has seating for six, Packer lighting and other hangings...and a bunch of the coolest Packers fans you'll find anywhere, including one (Ewan) from Glasgow, Scotland. (more…)

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Packers Fans…BEST EVER ANYWHERE! Part 1

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While we were standing in the concourse of the Packers Titans game, watching the game on the screen between dry spells, we decided to introduce ourselves to a few people. What we found will be no surprise to anyone...give a click and say "Hi" to some of the best fans in the world... And if you don't know what the "Green Cheese Box" is...read on and get the answer in part two of this post. (more…)

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What 2 Watch 4: The Offseason Ends TODAY!

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Well, even though it is not the regular season, the offseason ends today. Packernation will be once again able to see their team collide with an opponent for the first time since the end of last season. In a year in which even Family Night did not have a scrimmage, Packers fans should be pretty pumped. Well we all know that the starters will be taking very few reps until the third preseason game and we also know that the Packers are not going to be pulling out all the stops in the preseason anyway. The defenses will be pretty…

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