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A.M. Quickslant: Packers OTA’s Are About The Team

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Well, supposedly Adrian Peterson is expected back with the Vikings at OTA's today. Big whoop! You mean he will be doing what he should be doing as a player, team-mate and (supposedly) leader? I just can't believe that a guy gets in legal trouble, takes a year off, and then comes back wanting to have his contract revamped. I am so happy to be a Packers fan, where more or less the OTA's are about making the team better.  (more…)

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McCarthy Presser Post OTA’s

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Mike McCarthy addressed the media today after OTA's and I gotta say I, while there was not a whole lot of information about individual players, I really liked what I heard. First of all, McCarthy made it a point to express that he is enjoying himself. In response to a question about his more active role in the special teams unit, he responded, "Coaching is still coaching regardless of what position you work with. Coaching is where I want to be...This has been a very fun year." This is important for two reasons: It shows me that McCarthy has left behind the…

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CLICK to PICK: Viewing the Brett Favre Hall of Fame Induction at Lambeau

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Well, tickets to the Lambeau Field viewing of Brett Favre's Hall of Fame Induction have sold out. And I must say I am glad..for one, because a lot of people who wanted tickets got them and will get to share in the celebration (though second-hand). The other reason I am glad the tickets are sold out is because now I don't have to have this internal dialogue that has been going on for awhile now.  (more…)

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Skip Bayless Left Speechless by Stephen A. Smith

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Stephen A. Smith beats down Aaron Rodgers hater Skip Bayless in announcement that Aaron would be on celebrity Jeopardy. Sneak peak at Rodgers' appearance at the end from Packers.com. The first minute or so, you will want to throw something at Skip but it is worth it for two reasons: 1. Stephen A. gives him a verbal smackdown, and 2. We find out that Skip and Jay Cutler went to the same school...which explains why they both like to throw up some of the dumbest stuff on the planet! (more…)

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Blast from the Past: Aaron Rodgers Drafted

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This video speaks for itself. The drafting of Aaron Rodgers is one of those moments in time that can only be described as watershed moments...Check it out, and if you like it, give Basaraski Productions a sub: (more…)

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