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Three Keys Against the Vikings

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Even Chicago can beat the Vikings... The Packers travel to Minnesota in what seems to be the perfect game to have after the Eagles and before the Patriots. With Minnesota playing outdoors this year while their new stadium construction continues, and the fact that so many in Minnesota are Packers fans, this game will be as close to a "home away from home" game as the Packers could hope for. The Vikings had won two in a row and Bridgewater was looking for his third 4th quarter comeback when he threw the pick that effectively ended the game. While the Packers cannot afford to…

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Post-Game Rant and Rave

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I really don't have much to rant about except maybe the active list. I feel Tolzien should be starting in place of Flynn. What little time we have seen Flynn this year he has not impressed me. He throws very dangerous passes when he does throw and even on the hand offs he is either running into the running back or he telegraphs his play so the defense knows whats coming. Also I understand that Janis is still raw and they are bringing him along slow but I believe he is better than Dorsey so why was Janis benched again…

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Into the Second Quarter…

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The Packers entered the second quarter of the 2014 season in style, putting up 42 points on the Vikings while only allowing 7, and those came in garbage time. It is easy to blow off a win such as that because of the absence of Teddy Bridgewater. But keep in mind that the Vikings put up 41 on the Atlanta Falcons the game before. The Vikings are a team with some weapons and their running game, in particular, was effective in the absence of Adrian Peterson. So the Packers have what Mike McCarthy has termed a "mini bye", skipping Sunday…

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Rant That Can’t Wait

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In a game where the defense pulled out all the stops, gave the ball back to our offense three times, and harassed Matthew Stafford all day long, I have a rant that can't wait... CLICK the link and tell me what I missed cuz I'm so mad, I'm sure there is something... (more…)

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Morning After Rant and Rave

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The morning after each game is a good time to blow off some steam after a big loss or huzzah a big win. What do the Packers need to work on? What did they do well? Each game has its share of little victories and little gripes...let's call it R&R..."Rant" and "Rave". So here is my take on the game... (more…)

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