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R&R – Packers Versus Vikings

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The Pack breaks a 3 game losing streak last night with their win over the Vikings, as I stated in my post "A Little Reminder", our beloved team would win this one big, I even said mark my words! Raves: The defense came out firing on all eleven cylinders and the key was stopping one of the best running backs in the game - Adrian Peterson, holding him to 45 yards rushing made the Vikings try to beat them with Bridgewater's arm which let Capers tee off with some well-timed blitzes. They kept pressure on Teddy the whole game, sacking him six times…

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Packers Get It Done!

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When the Packers needed one...they got it! Up against the wall with a one game deficit to the Minnesota Vikings, the Packers got a big win with the Vikings having a one game lead in the NFC North. The trick is that the Vikings have a VERY difficult stretch coming up and the Packers need to get wins against the Bears and then the Lions in upcoming weeks. The offense finally got some rhythm with Rodgers 16 of 33 with two touchdowns with four and a half minutes to go in the game. But again...this team played give up ball…

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The 2015 Packers: A New Hope

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  The past three games have been an absolute disaster for our beloved Packers. In none of those games did they measure up to expectations. But there are still reasons for Packer pride. (more…)

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A Little Reminder

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With all the bad feelings and doubt about our beloved team I figured a little reassurance might help. Every season there are ups and downs but great teams adjust and perform when it counts. The Packers will bounce back and destroy the Vikings this week mark my words. You may be one of those fans that dwell on losses and it makes you feel miserable so let me help you get some perspective back and start enjoying the team we love. (more…)

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