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A.M. Quickslant: New “Wrinkles” + Same Chemistry = Better Offense

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We've been asking Packernation about NFC North division rivals this week. One of the most important reasons that teams try to institute new "wrinkles" into their offense is to try to throw their division rivals off the scent. There is a certain familiarity that comes from meeting a team twice each year and using different players in different ways helps nullify the advantage that such familiarity may give a defense. Plays that have not seen the field cannot show up as tendencies on the film. (more…)

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John Ridley Film Tribute To Vince Lombardi Coming With Super Bowl 50

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Earlier this month, John Ridley was on the Rich Eisen Show to announce a new film he is producing about Vince Lombardi. It turns out Ridley is a Packers fan which (to me anyway) means that he will treat the film with the respect it deserves. Slated to roll out sometime around Super Bowl 50 (and yes, they are moving to Arabic rather than Roman numerals). The film will focus on a particular slice of Vince Lombardi's life.  (more…)

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