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Packers Sign Kuhn!

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John Kuhn is back with the Pack! According to his agent, Kevin Gold, the Packers have re-signed John Kuhn to a one-year $870,000 contract. The Pro Bowl fullback also reportedly received a roster and Pro Bowl bonus. Kuhn has been a fan favorite while only playing a little over 20% of the snaps.  (more…)

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Post-Game R&R: Rants and Raves

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Let me start with saying, "Hell yeah" With this win and the Lions losing the Packers are now on top of the NFC North once again, A spot they have not owned solo since the Bears game of 2013, Now they control their own destiny. I knew this was going to be a tough game as all division games usually are, It doesn't matter what their records say, The teams know each other so well from having to play twice a year every year it is always tough to get these wins. (more…)

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3 Things That Favor the Packers Coming Off The Bye

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Well, as much as I miss Packer football, I am pretty happy that the team got the week off. It was clear that Morgan Burnett, Datone Jones, and Sam Shields were missed against the Saints. Burnett in particular was having a season that was a great improvement over last year and though few are talking about it, safety play upgrade has made a big difference for the Packers defense this year. But with the bye week over and the team going back to work, the Bears game becomes critical. It's not just that the Packers look to stay within reach…

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Post-Game Rant and Rave

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I really don't have much to rant about except maybe the active list. I feel Tolzien should be starting in place of Flynn. What little time we have seen Flynn this year he has not impressed me. He throws very dangerous passes when he does throw and even on the hand offs he is either running into the running back or he telegraphs his play so the defense knows whats coming. Also I understand that Janis is still raw and they are bringing him along slow but I believe he is better than Dorsey so why was Janis benched again…

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Scouting Report: Carolina Panthers

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Well, the Carolina Panthers are coming to Lambeau. They will be as welcome there as Percy Harvin is in Seattle, as welcome as LenDale White at a USC football game, as welcome as...Percy Harvin is in Minnesota....you get the point. But the Packers have to watch this as it is a classic trap game. No one yet can figure out why the Panthers' defense has no played like it did last year, Cam Newton is a danger to our defense with both his arm and his leg, and the Packers' emotional victory last week sets them up for a possible…

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