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Wrong Kind of Fireworks Andrew

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Andrew Quarless was already fighting an uphill battle for playing time this coming season. With several talented tight ends on the roster Quarless was going to have to do something to set himself apart from the competition. I don't think this is what the coaches had in mind... (more…)

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Breaking Down a “Special” Offense: Part 2 – Tight Ends

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There has been a lot of talk about how the Packers offense could be "special" this year, but what does that mean? In this series we will look at key statistics from last season to determine what positions, units, and aspects of the game could be improved to make the 2015 Packers offense better than the 2014 Packers offense. If there was one offensive position group that was less than stellar last season, it was the tight ends. If you don't lump them in with the backs, the Packers tight end group did some good things and showed up from…

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Finley Situation the Perfect Rental Arrangement

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Athletic tight ends have become a hot commodity these days in the NFL. That’s why the Patriots have to be happy about locking up pro bowl tight end Rob Gronkonski for six more years at such a “reasonable” price. The Packers hit gold with the financially sound yet short-term contract they handed over to Jermichael Finley in February. However, there is a good chance that Finley will be unaffordable when his two-year contract expires. Finley’s history of injuries and “me-oriented” playing style make the short-term nature of the contract a positive. Further, players like Finley tend to approach their peak…

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