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Love Larry McCarren: Love the New Coaching Staff Roles

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Larry McCarren did a nice breakdown of a play (well, plays) that the Packers made against the Patriots that built off each other. The play illustrated the way a coaching staff sequences plays during a game to gain an advantage. The Packers sent Adams and Cobb on crossing routes early in the first series. Later, they gave the defense the same look but instead of crossing Adams and Cobb, they had them split, causing the defender over the top to bite. The play went to Cobb for 18 yards. (more…)

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GPN Poll: The Result of the Changes

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A lot of people are talking about how the Packers offense won't change at all because all the starters are returning. But there was on big change. Communication and the execution of the gameplan are paramount in NFL football games. Our offense excels at execution and we are returning all starters. But that one big change...that one big change may make a difference. (more…)

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A.M. Quickslant: New “Wrinkles” + Same Chemistry = Better Offense

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We've been asking Packernation about NFC North division rivals this week. One of the most important reasons that teams try to institute new "wrinkles" into their offense is to try to throw their division rivals off the scent. There is a certain familiarity that comes from meeting a team twice each year and using different players in different ways helps nullify the advantage that such familiarity may give a defense. Plays that have not seen the field cannot show up as tendencies on the film. (more…)

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McCarthy Addresses Media About Coaching Changes

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Mike McCarthy addressed the media today about coaching changes and, most importantly, the relegating of play-calling duties to newly named Associate Head Coach Tom Clements. With Edgar Bennett taking his place as Offensive Coordinator. The change will allow McCarthy to play a more hands-on role in the defense and special teams.   It is important to note that this was a decision made by coach McCarthy and communicated to both Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy and came not because Packers assistants had not gotten attention for head coaching vacancies, but because it was the best thing for the team.  (more…)

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Clements To Take Over Play-Calling Duties

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Yesterday, news began to leak out that Mike McCarthy might be relegating play-calling duties to Tom Clements. As reported on WDUZ-FM in Green Bay, Clements has been elevated to associate head coach and will call the plays. Wide receivers coach Edgar Bennett will replace Clements as offensive coordinator.  (more…)

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